2018 Expert Citizen Scientist Training - please return to this page in early 2018 for more details and to sign up!



2018 marks our 5th year conducting aquatic habitat assessments and boreal toad surveys in the Wasatch Mountains. This year we will provide an 'expert citizen scientist' training and the field season will extend from May-September, giving citizen scientists the opportunity to make site visits that best fit their personal schedules.  This project continues to be applicable to state-wide efforts to better understand aquatic habitats and amphibian indicator species through collaboration with Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, U.S. Forest Service, Utah Geologic Survey, and the Hogle Zoo.  See 2017's Expert Citizen Scientist resources page. 

To learn more about this program and attending the pre-field season training for boreal toad surveys and aquatic habitat assessments, sign up here...


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