Wild Utah Project provides conservation organizations and government agencies with GIS services that contribute to shared conservation planning and research goals. Our services combine scientific expertise in conservation biology and technical knowledge of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to respond to a wide array of spatial analyses and mapping needs. We use ESRI software and we’re proud grantees of the ESRI Conservation program. Please contact our GIS Director, Emanuel Vasquez, if you need more information about this service or if our GIS lab can create a map for you.

Services include:  

  • Mapping and Cartography

  • Web GIS

  • Spatial Analysis and Modeling


Mapping and Cartography

From small to large format maps, we offer a wide variety of mapping services using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). With all of the maps we produce for our partners, we are high tech and yet down to earth. We help partners turn data into information and communicate their ideas and campaigns with engaging maps. Whether the maps are needed for advocacy, policy decisions, scientific research, or just plain problem solving, we’ve got the know-how and tools to meet our partners' mapping needs.



Today, access to spatial data as well as advanced mapping and spatial analysis over the Internet is becoming more common. Using the combined advantages of the Web and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), we offer our partners several web mapping applications deployed through the Web, along with some training on how to use them. Web maps can include the layers that are most helpful for our partners' projects and campaigns, and those layers can be turned on and off, and the maps zoomed into and out, as needed. Without the need of specialized software, our users can access and use critical conservation related geographic data at any time.


Spatial Analysis and Modeling

Data analysis is a critical element to understanding underlying processes that affect wildlife habitat and wildland conservation. Our GIS lab specializes in developing high-quality spatial analytical information and products, drawing on some of the world’s most efficient computing resources and cloud-based platforms. Our capabilities span a wide spectrum of geospatial techniques, from custom ecological and environmental data development using GIS (and also including remote sensing data or drone-based imagery) to advanced spatial analysis, geo-statistics, and spatial modeling. Through our spatial analyses we address conservation and natural resource management problems at the appropriate spatial scales and in a cost-efficient manner.