Founded by Jim Catlin in 1996 to assist the citizens’ roadless re-inventory of Bureau of Land Management lands in Southern Utah, Wild Utah Project began as a means to provide much-needed science to the conservation of wildlife and wildlands. The study area for this initial project consisted of nine million acres of wilderness, which is home to rare desert waterways, wildlife, and wildlife habitat. These efforts resulted in the proposed America’s Red Rock Wilderness Bill in Congress.

Since our inception, we have worked to conserve landscape level connectivity for vital wildlife corridors. Along with our partners at the Wildlands Network, we envision the world’s most extensive network of protected and connected lands. Achieving this grand vision requires coordinated efforts of conservation groups from Mexico’s Sierra Madre Occidental to Alaska’s Brooks Range.

We work to achieve this vision by advocating for the use of best science for wildlife and habitat management, contributing critical data for better wildlife and wildlands policy, engaging the community in conservation science, and supporting our partners in shared conservation goals.