Janis Chan,

GIS Analyst

Janis Chan joined the staff of Wild Utah Project in the summer of 2014 as an intern. Originally from Hong Kong, Janis has a great amount of interest in Geography. While studying at The University of Utah, she learned about GIS (Geographic Information System) and has since grown to have a great interest in the field. Janis graduated with 2 B.S. degrees in Geography and Environmental and Sustainability Studies; alongside with a GIS certificate from The University of Utah in 2014. Prior graduation, Janis was seeking an internship opportunity to further her experience and knowledge to better prepare herself for a full-time job. After her internship with Wild Utah Project, Janis pursued a full-time job in the commercial real estate field as a GIS Analyst. Janis now continues to help Wild Utah Project under the direction of Emanuel Vásquez on different kinds of conservation projects. In the near future, Janis hopes to be able to pursue a Master of Science in GIS to better equip herself with more knowledge.