Wild Utah Project provides a variety of services for our non-profit, state and federal agency, and academic partners.  Whether teaming up on a research grant, competitively bid contract, or providing fee-for-service work, Wild Utah Project helps partners meet their conservation planning goals through our GIS Services, eco-regional planning expertise, or designing and carrying out novel ecological studies in the field.


Click above to learn more about how our GIS Lab can assist you in meeting your current conservation and planning goals, through:

  • Cartography and mapping
  • Spatial analysis and modeling
  • Web GIS

Eco-regional Planning

Wild Utah Project has a long history of ecoreginal planning, conservation area design, and large-scale conservation assessments. With a variety of coalitions and partners, we develop effective conservation assessments and plans ranging from local habitats to regional ecosystems.


Ecological STUDIES

An integral part of effective adaptive conservation management relies on using scientifically objective indicators that can be consistently monitored and tracked through time. The support and expertise of biologists outside land management agencies is often required to develop new methods or employ existing ones in the field, in advance of land-use decisions.