The 2019 Stream Survey (RSRA) Training is full. If you are interested in joining the wait list, please submit your information below.

Before and after stream restoration projects, Wild Utah Project and our partners use the Rapid Stream-Riparian Assessment method to efficiently assess stream condition and monitor the effectiveness of restoration activities.

This method collects data on the stream’s characteristics such as vegetation and insect life. A score is generated for water quality, hydrogeomorpohology, fish and aquatic habitat, riparian vegetation, and terrestrial wildlife habitat.

Wild Utah Project also created and maintains a database for housing those data. The database provides a centralized location for many small-scale restoration projects to be compiled. The database can be used to support an understanding of stream and riparian restoration on a landscape level.

Learn how to conduct the Rapid Stream-Riparian Assessment (RSRA) at our annual training and then join us in the field to do the stream assessments!




Community Scientists working on a Rapid Stream-Riparian Assessment

Community Scientists working on a Rapid Stream-Riparian Assessment

Training Required? Thursday, June 6 to Sunday, June 9, 2019

The 2019 training is full, join the wait list below.

Commitment Level: Training is required. Support on surveys is on an as needed basis throughout summer and fall.

Field Season: May - October

Requirements: Interest in data collection, using scientific methods, field work, working outdoors, and camping overnight is required. The cost for food at the campsite for multi-day field visits is ~$150.