What We Do

Wild Utah Project strives to provide non-profit partners and public agencies with the best available and up-to-date science to advance conservation across Utah.


wildlife science

We work to identify crucial scientific questions to wildlife and habitat management and policy, and conduct ecological science that fills these pending data/information gaps. Learn more

Community/citizen science

We engage and train citizens in scientific field methods, and data collection efforts in support of wildlife science and policy programs. Learn more

wildlife policy

Wild Utah Project assembles, delivers, and advocates for the best available and up-to-date science to effectively inform wildlife and wildland policy and management decisions in Utah. Learn more




We offer a variety of mapping and GIS analyses by combining scientific expertise, conservation biology principles, and technical knowledge in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  Learn more

eco-regional planning

We develop effective conservation assessments and plans ranging from local habitats to regional ecosystems. Learn more


We provide field monitoring and data support for our many partners to assess current habitat conditions and species distribution data gaps, resulting in informed management and policy decisions.  Learn more


Our GIS portal is a Web GIS-based gateway to a variety of web maps, web map applications, data collection applications, and story maps that highlight our programmatic work and the work of other conservation organizations we serve.  

More recently we added an Open Data site to the GIS Portal that expands the functionality of our portal by providing the ability to explore and download layers and datasets published and curated by Wild Utah Project.