Other technical guidances and publications that urge use of RSRA to inform riparian assessments in the West

EPA (U.S Environmental Protection Agency).  2012.  Identifying and protecting healthy watersheds: concepts, assessments and management approaches.  EPA 841-B-11-002.

Kuehne et al. 2017.  Assessment of ecological integrity for fresh waters: a review and guide to assess frameworks and resources: compiled for the Landscape  Conservation Cooperative Network.


Rapid Stream-Riparian Assessment (RSRA) Protocol Users

The following institutions, agencies, and organizations have used or are currently using the RSRA protocol in their efforts to assess streams and prioritize reaches for conservation and management action:
Arizona Riparian Council
The Citizens Watershed Monitoring Team (New Mexico)
Friends of the Agua Fria National Monument
Friends of Sonoita Creek
Grand Canyon Trust
Great Salt Lake Audubon Council
Jordan River Migratory Bird Refuge
Mancos Conservation District
National Park Service - Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
National Park Service - Northern Colorado Plateau Network (including Capitol Reef NP, Zion NP and others)
National Park Service - Mesa Verde National Park
New Mexico Riparian Council
Pima County Dept of Transportation, AZ
Salt Lake County Watershed Planning and Restoration Program
Southern Utah University
The Nature Conservancy Trout Unlimited
University of Idaho
University of New Mexico                                                                                                                                                     Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
Utah Reclamation Mitigation Conservation Commission Ute Mountain  Ute Tribe
U.S. Forest Service - Santa Fe National Forest
USGS – Biological Research Division, Southwest Biological Science Center
USFWS - Salt Lake Field Office
Wild Utah Project